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May 8th, 2015 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

What does “Fitness” mean to you and how would you describe it?

In my opinion, “Fitness” is more than just a person posing on the latest “Health and Fitness” magazine or the everyday person in the gym. If you take a poll and ask what does fitness means to you, each person would have their own personal story of what fitness means to them. Fitness is my “fountain of youth”.

When people find out how old I am, they always ask me, “What do you do to look so young and stay in shape?” I first say I have been blessed with parents that have great genes, then I say I drink a lot of water because water keeps my body hydrated which creates a full youthful and tightness to my skin, I’m also conscious with what foods I put into my body, not to say I don’t eat junk food or have sweets on occasions but moderation is the key and lastly, I have worked out for years and am in a maintenance state which means I am able to maintain my current status through exercising twice a week along with cardio to keep my body and mind healthy and strong. I do enjoy challenging myself with different activities from competing in bikini shows to participating in my first triathlon. When I add these challenges to my life, I have to revisit my workouts and nutrition to help me successfully compete.

I look forward to writing blogs on Fitness and Nutrition and helping you meet your goals and challenges. Age is truly just a number when you keep your mind and body strong. When you do this, you will be amazed at what you can achieve in your life.

So what does “Fitness” mean to you?

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