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2015 NFL Draft

May 8th, 2015 By: LVOS Admin (1 Comment)

The 2015 NFL Draft is here and excitement abounds. The host city of this year’s draft is Chicago, at the chagrin of New York fans. Jets and Giants fans have dominated the attendance at past drafts, so I’m quite sure Bears fans will corner the Draft ticket market. Although I like tradition and am of the mindset “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”… maybe giving other cities the opportunity to host is a good thing. Not only a good thing, but the right thing to do.

Changing locations is not only beneficial for the league, but also for the host city. I think there’s an improved fan draw, which leads to more appeal. There’s a greater consideration from those fans who normally would not attend the draft to attend and the host cities experience an economic boost . The food, hotel, shopping, you name it industries experience great revenue generation which in turn generates taxes at the local/federal level. Everyone wins.

I, like many NFL fan hopefuls, eagerly await draft day. The draft offers fans like myself much optimism. For the draft hopefuls, it has been a long process. These players go through a grueling season of football, the NFL scouting combine, pro day meets, and several interviews with teams. For the teams, every event/activity is necessary to successfully evaluate player skills and how they will fit on their team. During a players’ college football career, they are able to develop tape on what they can do. Teams can see a players’ strengths, weaknesses, and consistency. The combines are about stats and gives a picture of strength, agility, quickness, and aptitude. Pro day meets allow for individual sessions with team(s) to showcase your skills and the interviews are to give the teams more personal insight into the players’ background.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the 1st pick in the draft. It’s been widely projected that Jameis Winston will go to the Bucs with that pick. He is considered a high risk pick considering his off the field issues. But, Jameis is the prototypical pocket passer with great size, mobility, and accuracy. It should be a great fit and good things are sure to happen with that receiving corp of Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, and Oscar Jenkins.

The Jameis pick to #1 is almost a given. Where things start to get interesting is at #2. The Tennessee Titans are the owner of this pick and some believe with the retirement of the starting QB Jake Locker, that Marcus Mariotta would be selected. Others have speculated that the Titans are very interested in Mariotta (at least not at #2), and are willing to trade down. Even without an acceptable offer to trade down, it’s conceivable the Titans will select another position of need in a defensive lineman or defensive back.

If Mariotta isn’t selected at #2, there’s a possibility we may witness an Aaron Rodgers type episode. Man, was that brutal! Actually, it wouldn’t be exactly the same since it seems Mariotta will not be in attendance at the draft. Either way, if not at #2, Mariotta will be drafted in the 1st round. The Browns should do the necessary to pick this guy, but I understand if they don’t. They’ve been burned many times at that position. Teams interested in Mariotta include the Bears and Eagles. Either team would be an interesting fit and storyline going forward. For the Bears, will this be the QB to dethrone Cutler. I’m sure there will be many chants from Chicagoans who have flooded the site chanting to get Mariotta as they are as fed up with Cutler as everyone else outside of Chicago is. For the Eagles, Chip Kelly knows Mariotta from his time as HC of Oregon. Mariotta would fit perfectly in Kelly’s play option schemes. Question: Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are expendable, but what happens to Sam Bradford. Only time will tell.

The 2015 draft is here! It’s an exciting time. Don’t get caught snoozing…make sure you tune in cause anything can happen on draft day.


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    Awesome article. Go draft day!!!

    Soy from Washington, DC

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