Buffalo Bills vs. NY Jets

November 20th, 2015 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

Buffalo Bills vs NY Jets…What a game!  And I am not talking about “The Game”, I am talking about having to watch four 15 minute quarters of grown men running up and down the field looking like a large bag of mixed red and green M&M’s.  We understand that the NFL is leveraging every holiday, occasion, cause as a marketing mechanism to get us fans engaged and on board to run out and buy that matching throwback or military fatigue jersey of their favorite team.  But this solid one color from top to bottom uniforms, heck I thought they had just drafted the Oompa’s from the Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory.  We are all for marketing ventures but for us fashion conscious fans, please…not the solids!  This is not what creative simplicity means.  So how about when there is no holiday or special cause, please just stick to the regular uniforms or at best the throwback uniforms!  Oh…and as the National Eye Institute stated, this was a total fashion disaster for those that are challenged with the red-green color blindness.


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