Are The Referees Changing The Outcome of the Games?

October 4th, 2018 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

The NFL Refs…sigh

What’s up with the refs? Are they in need of a new certification process? There are 8 officials on the field, that’s a total of 16 eyes………but none of them can see? It’s blasphemy! Case in point, the Chiefs rally to beat the Broncos Monday night and the refs missed the game clock wind down to zero before the snap? AND admitted it after the game?!?! What is going on?

The teams are getting more and more help from a crew of refs that control every aspect and sometimes crucial outcomes of games……….case in point…………ball placement. Not only do the refs have 16 eyes, but in this day and age, they have some Mr. Magoo in a booth rewinding and watching it from every angle………destroying the Browns chance to finish Oakland. What was the spread in Vegas? Oh yeah………..THAT’S ADVERSITY?

When the chips and odds are stacked against you, you could rise up like a speeding bullet to score a 99 yd touchdown, but grab some oxygen, it’s coming back on a hold call (which frankly they can call every play).


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