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October 4th, 2018 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

NFL…Calling them as we see them!

With all the questionable calls during Sunday Football, we were still able to walk away with some highlights.

So on the brighter side of the fields, All hail the Redskins! I can’t remember the last time they were 2-1 AND first in the division. The BYE week will help old man Peterson heal. Next up…..10/8 versus the Saints (who are rollin (3-1) after their first loss to the TB) Monday night. #HTTR

The Browns are looking MUCH BETTER with Mayfield at the helm. As he settles in to being a professional, I’m hopeful they will come out of 2018 above .500…especially if they can get the refs to call em’ as the rest of the world see’s them…SMH!

The entire Steelers organization needs to get their crap together, not a fan, but seriously. If your running back is holding out…………get another one.

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