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September 24th, 2018 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)


As everyone obviously knows, except the protestors, protesting the protest (sigh)………..the NFL is back and in full swing!! After Week One things got a little heated and interesting………….THE BROWNS DIDN’T LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!? As an Ohio native, this is exciting news! I will take the tie and light my Cardiac Kids candles in hopes for a 2018 above .500 J

The Redskins looked surprisingly amazing. “Old Timer” Peterson has found new life in the DMV. Smith is nestled in and under control………I’m liking what I see. Redskins fans were REPRESENTIN in Arizona!!! Loudest one’s in the stadium!!! Onward and upward #HTTR!!!

The BirdGang is picking up where they left off as “the Champs” taking it to the Falcons.

I feel sorry for the Cowboys……..Old man Jerry shaking things up with his own protesting of the protest…..I’m quite certain the chemistry with the team is not there………take a knee Jerry…..or some anti-aging meds…… stink! (STILL a diehard Zeeeekeeeee fan!..OSU….O-H-I-O)

The Chiefs looked in charge on Sunday. I’m scared of Tyreek Hill………ain’t nobody catching him when he gets loose. GOOD NIGHT he can run!!!!!

Not a Patriots fan AT ALL……..but you HAVE to bow down to one of the greatest. Tom Brady is 150 in football years. Thank GOD he has had an amazing O-Line to protect him all of these years. Especially an O-Line that RARELY gets hold calls. LOL!! (that was for my cousin Vinny)

And what about Aaron Rodgers!!! WTH!?!?! He’s 100 in football years and breaks a knee (not literally) and hobbles to an amazing comeback win (DOWN 20 POINTS!!!!). Now that is some ridiculous perseverance!

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