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College Football Is Back!

September 24th, 2018 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

College Football At It’s Best!

Week 2 had some interesting match ups and some even more drama, with ridiculous calls that cost a possible upset in the making for Texas A&M versus Clemson. The touchback call was LUDICROUS at best. I’m not sure what angle or what Mr. Magoo was looking at in the replay booth, but whoever it was……..they missed that BIG TIME. Clemson skated.

Buckeyes (#4) continue to show their depth. Haskins continues to drop dimes and break records while his backup QB drops dimes as well as runs, scrambles and is comfortable in the pocket. They are looking dangerous, but the true test is this weekend………….no Meyer………TCU (#16)………this should be interesting. On another note, I’m hopeful that Urban Meyer has taken his time off to install video cameras in all of the households of all of his staff and entire organization, so he knows everyone’s business and is able to fire people on the spot for spilling milk on the floor.

That team up North (who I can’t mention by name being from Buckeyeland), bounced back this weekend defeating Western Michigan after a disappointing loss last week to Notre Dame (who has upped their rank to 8..looking stellar). Up next, SMU.

Bama(#1) continues to punish their opponents and looking at their schedule the rest of the year, they are playing nobody ranked. Guess we will see them again in the playoffs. (yawn city)

Georgia (#3) rolled over the Gamecocks (#24) on the road. Impressive win on a ranked opponent.

Wisconsin (#5) (who always scares me as a Buckeye’s fan), continues to power through their schedule defeating New Mexico 45-14. I think my son’s basketball team needs to eat more grass fed beef!!! Those Badger boys are large and in charge!!!!!

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