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Skins in 1st Place

December 3rd, 2015 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

The Washington Redskins defeated the New York Giants to take first place position in the NFC East.  For all the critics, I don’t want to hear how weak the division is or noise about the Skins current record.  Yeah, the Skins are 5-6 with a 1st place lead.  For the true fan with a level headed football IQ, we don’t see a 5-6 football team.  We see an improving team that’s on a seemingly rise.  There is a lot to be optimistic about the Skins from that standpoint.  What most critics lack is intimate knowledge and understanding of this team…They watch ESPN or the NFL network highlights and believe they know everything they need to know about the Skins.  It is an unfair judgement and assessment.  Until you watch and cover every detail of the team play and all the moves that are being made to improve the team you should hush on all the laughs and criticism.  I see a team that is improving week-by-week.  This is a team that now has depth.  This is a team that’s drafting young talent and developing them into professional players…home grown.  The Skins now have a professional GM in McCloughan, so let’s give him a couple years.  Forget about 5-6 … look at the improvements.  And let’s not forget the team that everyone is gushing over the Carolina Panthers… last season they went to the playoffs with a 7-8-1 record and now 3/4’s into this season they are 11-0.


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