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Ms. Invincible?

November 20th, 2015 By: LVOS Admin (No Comments)

The Rhonda Rousey vs. Holly Holm fight was hyped to a grand scale.  Problem is, the hype was one sided and favored the loser.  What a setup… build you up and knock you down.  Rousey was hyped to be this invincible fighter that couldn’t be beat.  Every great fighter has had their day where they’ve been defeated.  Ali “The Great” lost to Frazier.  Sugar Ray “The Great” lost to Roberto Duran.  Mayweather “The Great” lost to… oh, wait a minute… Mayweather is undefeated, but I don’t consider him one of the greats due to the lack of great competition and cherry picked fights.  Call me biased to the old days of boxing when the greats fought the greats.  But, I know… it’s not Mayweather’s fault boxing competition has fallen…but still.  Anyway, back to UFC… Anderson Silva “The Great” lost to Chris Weidman.  Side note to UFC:  If you want ultimate fighting to not only continue to grow, but grow at an exponential rate, make some of the higher profile fights available on local Network TV not PPV.  Unless you’re already a hard core UFC fan, why would you pay to see?  The way you draw people into becoming fans is to make these exiting fights available to the local network TV viewing public.  People will naturally develop a fanatic following towards not only the individual fighters, but to the sport itself.  Anyway, back to Rousey.  Rousey met her match in Holm who did not garner much attention.  Why would she?  Holm was undefeated, but only had two UFC matches under her belt to Rousey’s six.  This match was practically given to Rousey before stepping into the Octagon.  Can you imagine the motivation Holm’s had to beat Rousey?  This is why it was the greatest setup.  In my opinion, there are no Mr. or Ms. Invincibles in this sport.  In this beast, anyone can be taken down.  My suggestion to Rousey and any other fighter is STARVE… don’t take the bait.  Don’t believe the media when they say you’re the best.  When you feed and eat all that bull, you lose the hunger that got you where you are in the first place.


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